“The New A-Line Dress”

To make sure we were getting the newest and best styles for Prom 2020, two trips were taken to Atlanta Prom Market in August and in September. We noticed at every designer we visited that the A-Line silhouette was the trend of the season for Prom 2020.

In fashion, the term silhouette refers to the line of a dress or the garment’s overall shape. Silhouettes can be used to emphasize and alter a woman’s shape to create a flattering illusion. Different dress silhouettes are designed to flatter different body types.

The term A-Line was first used by the French couture designer Christian Dior as the label for his collection of spring 1955. The A-Line collection’s feature item, then the “most wanted silhouette in Paris”.

A-Line dresses are fitted from bust or waist and then flare out gradually to the hem forming a triangular silhouette in the shape of an “A”.  It creates an illusion of height and curves for slender and petite prom girls. This silhouette can also slim down rounded figures and hide a larger lower body of any prom girls who are blessed with curves.

The fresh spin on “The New A-line” included a peek-a-boo slit up one side and the handy-dandy pockets hitting right below the waistline. With the gentle flares of the A-Line, the pockets are almost unnoticeable but will be a great place for lip gloss or cell phone.

The traditional A-Line skirt has no visible embellishments but the “Cracked Ice” material that was popular almost gives the dresses the illusion of embellishments.

Whatever fabric you choose soft flowing chiffon, fun flirty tulle, metallic sparkle glitter with an A-Line it is singular the most flattering fit for every body type.